Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Joy of Jewelry Making

 I've been busy!  I have been making jewelry for an event I'm participating in next month at one of the top yoga studios in town.  Each piece is unique, no two the same.  This process works really well for me as I enjoy creating something different each time.  Nothing too "cookie-cutter" for this girl!

I have incorporated polished stones, turquoise and crystals to make this unique piece.

I love playing with resin and have made dozens of pendants, some with vintage wallpaper, special words or tiny pieces of jewelry strategically placed inside.

I never tire of my favorite Fornasetti face.

Bits and bobs link up perfectly.

A simple look is fun too.

I never tire of Swarovski crystals.

I'm enjoying the chilly holiday season! My social calender has been fun-filled with so many great events.  One of my favorite parties was my friend Sue's annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  I wore my tiny teddy sweatshirt that I made 24 years ago! I was so very proud of it back then and wore it to work and out and about.  I have had packed up with all my Christmas decor all these years.  

How are you celebrating the month of December?

Cheers and jingle bells,



Createology said...

Oh I can see why you love making unique jewelry pieces. I was just reviewing earrings I have made for special gifts. Your Teddy Sweater is very creative. December Delights Dear...

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You have been busy! And what beautiful jewelry pieces!!!
I love your Teddy Sweater..
Enjoy the holidays

vivian said...

beautiful jewelry Holly, and YOU are just too freaken cute!
have a great week!

MJ Ornaments said...

So beautiful Holly! Love the artist Fornasetti face!
Merry Christmas to you my dear!

David richard said...
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